After the user test and the class presentation, I turned back to my design to correct some flaws and to add some feature to my project.

In the user test, the readability issues turned out to be a big problem. For this reason, I gave up my transparent background design…

For a while, I have been struggling to create my main screens that would take place in the application. After making all of them(and the prototyping)I have made the user test and would like to share my insights while it’s fresh.

Before I began the test, I have made a…

Finally, I was able to create a material of my ever-evolving project.

Rather than focusing on the so-many states of a single screen, I have tried to make a start with the screens of the main features of my project. …

I may have taken a bit wrong turn in the last assignment, and created something different. However, one of them turned out to be very clever, which I have decided to carry out as the class project: an app for finding recipes! It may sound not so clever, or original, or unique, or cool, or whatever. It will have some features special to itself. Hopefully.

Here are the modified personas:

About the project…

Garrett’s “The Elements of User Experience” has made me realize of the possibilities I could choose in the “User Experience” field.

However, special to this project, I also have realized that I have gone through most of the first two planes: “Strategy(sell TVs) and Scope(sell TV by giving information!!!).

I will take it from here.

We are now entitled to create a unique design for whatever we have in mind; an app, a website, a landing page.

Since I have been thinking of a couple work-related projects that I could bring to life with success, I have consulted our customer if I could realize this within the scope of our job. For now, I have an AMP and a landing-page design in my mind that has their own unique features, but both very promising.

I will keep this updated…

Halil Sinan Solgun

Web Content Editor

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