Other than the project; some assignments. Here you go.

Firstly, hope I am doing this right… Even if I am not, I have enjoyed it.

To explain roughly, creating persona means putting the designer in the shoes of the user of the will-be-designed product. Designer comes up up with a fictional name, fictional image, and not so fictional and deeply investigated hobbies, personality features, ambitions and interest. This way, he/she can illuminate its’ way to a more interactive design which speaks to the user.

For this assignment, I have acted as a designer of 3 different products, and created 3 different and unrelated persona for each of these products…

Let’s start with ever-smiling Bill:

He lives in Budapest, and is a retired man now. He has plenty of time and wants to evaluate this abundance of time by doing something different at home. He began painting, reading and also tried cooking; which he enjoyed the best. However, he needed to improve after trying to cook the same things over and over and over. At this point, he though he could use some help. As a designer, I am stepping out at this point and promise to create the solution he will be looking for; the perfect app for all his recipes!

And here I present you Cathy:

Cathy is a PhD student and also an assistant for one of her former instructors. Her plate is full these days; she never seems to have enough time for anything. She likes to handle her tasks quickly, and one at a time. With years of education, she has a very big library in her room; which she would like to take a look some time. However, she may not have that one time. But, what can I do for Cathy as an interaction designer?

And, time to meet the young Aaron:

Aaron, in his senior year in college, was able to buy the project car he was always craving for. Good job! However, he will not be able to renew every single part with his limited budget. He is just one person in a large community. My goal is to bring all this community together in a product.

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