So, the user test…

Halil Sinan Solgun
3 min readDec 21, 2020


For a while, I have been struggling to create my main screens that would take place in the application. After making all of them(and the prototyping)I have made the user test and would like to share my insights while it’s fresh.

Before I began the test, I have made a general introduction to the purpose of my application, which is the “recipe by the ingredient” filter…

The welcome page for my user was a bit, dull. The colors of the button was not directive enough. They all seemed like they lead to the same page, he stated. For example, the Create Account button could be in a different color.

The images on the main page was strangling the text in front of it. Maybe, it would be better if I could implement a background for the texts. Also, I received the feedback that there could be an explanation regarding the “Choose ingredients, Categories and Cuisines” sections so that their purpose would be clearer.

On the left, this component didn’t look like a slider, which would reduce the user interaction.

The ambiguity of meaning in the “Choose ingredients” screen was obvious for my test user; so he suggested that I should add a couple sentences on the pointed sections, which would add some meaning to it. Actually, I thought it was very obvious, but I will try to add the sentences and see if still looks in place. The same feedback was also valid in the Recipe Detail Page, especially in the “add to basket” function for the missing ingredients.

The feedback that I received for the categorization was also important. I came up with a different designs in the “Categories” and in “Cuisines”. However, the user thought that the “cuisinies” screen felt like it was under the “Categories” screen. This way, I realized a design characteristics: The bigger the section, the more it looks like a bigger category. The cuisines screen included 8 different cuisines, while the category section only included 3:

Other than that, the user has expressed his feeling about the lack of the navigatinal items, like a navigation bar on top of the page or a sticky footer.

I will try to create a footer, and implement it on all the pages I can manage.

It was a great test; hope to see you after the iteration!



Halil Sinan Solgun